Trustee & Estate Settlement

Estate plans are great, but who will carry out your plan?

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Professional Fiduciary Management Services
Professional Fiduciary Management Services - Vancouver, WA - 360-910-1044

Professional Fiduciary Management Services

Professional Fiduciary Management Services (360-910-1044) specializes in Trustee and Estate Settlement Services. Our highly personalized approach provides those with high expectations the opportunity to have their wishes carried out exactly as desired.

We work with attorneys, CPAs, planners and other professionals already in place and familiar with the family, estate plan and assets to provide the best quality care.

Things to consider when selecting a Trustee or Personal Representative

  • Experience- Family members who serve as Trustee or Personal Representative are met with many challenges. It is important to consider what your loved ones will experience if they are appointed.
  • Personalities- How will loved ones respond to grief, stress, potential inheritances and differences of opinion? How will this affect their relationships with each other?
  • Capability and Capacity- Does the family member you are considering have the ability to complete the required work?
  • Time- This is not a small task. It takes months and sometimes years to complete the responsibilities of a Personal Representative or Trustee.
  • What could go wrong?- Unexpected feelings, situations and events change sibling dynamics even in “strong” families. Consider the position you are putting your loved ones in.